This guide describes how to apply for jobs using the Career Page web site. The process consists of the following steps:

Create an Account

Follow these steps to Sign In:

  1. Point your web browser to My Career Page Website.
  2. Click Image of Sign In button in the top right of the menu bar.
  3. If you already created a user account, login using your previously created username and password. Otherwise, Click Create one to create an account, and then enter your new account information.

    Image of Create a new account form

    • If you created an account before, you cannot use the same email address again to create a new account. The email value must be unique.

    • If you created an account before and can’t remember your username, click on Forgot username. This sends you email with your username.

    • Your password must be at least 12 characters in length and contain upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols.

    • Answer the security question. In this example, type 11.

    • As you supply correct information for each field, a checkmark on the right indicates that the value is correct, for example:

      Image of correctly filled Create a new account form

    • Click Create.

Keep a record of your username and password.

When you are signed in, your username appears on the right in the top menu bar:

Image of Username in the top menu bar

The pulldown menu under your username lets you quickly access common options:

Image of pulldown menu

These are:

  • Use Applications & Status to review all of your job applications.

  • Use Accounts Settings to edit your contact information, or change your password. If you change your contact information, this information is updated with employers with which you have applied.

  • Use Profile to update basic information that you use to apply for jobs, such as work experience. Changes that you make do not update previously submitted applications, but are saved for use when you are applying for other jobs in the future.

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Find Jobs

You can find jobs using search as follows.

  1. Type a job title in the search box. You can further limit the search by providing a state, city, or zip code. For example:

    Image of job search form

    As you type in these boxes, it suggests jobs or locations that match, for example:

    Image of autocomplete suggestions

  2. Click Find Jobs.

  3. The jobs that match your search are shown, for example:

    Image of jobs list page

  4. Click on the title to open the job details.

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Apply for a Job

To apply for a job:

  1. Click on the Apply button from job details:

    Image of job details and apply tabs

  2. You can accelerate completing basic profile information by importing a résumé.
  3. Next you complete a series of steps (entries or screens). The specific steps that you must complete are determined by the employer, and may vary from this example.

    Your progress and current step in the process is shown on the left. In the next example, the information step is in progress:

    Image of application steps

    As you work on your application, refer to the progress bar to see the number of items for each entry, and errors. In the next example, the work entry contains eight items, and the questions entry contains errors:

    Image of application progress

  4. For each step, the buttons on the bottom allow you to save or discard your work on this entry.

    Image of remove, save and cancel buttons

    Although your typing is periodically automatically saved, it is good practice to click on the Save button.

    The Cancel button discards any changes you have made since the last save.

    For some entries, the Remove link is present. It deletes the current entry (such as a previous job), after a confirmation. Once deleted, the data cannot be recovered.

    The last time that the entry was saved is also displayed at the top:

    Image of Saved a moment ago message

  5. Provide general contact information.
  6. If required, provide previous work experience information.
  7. If required, provide educational information.
  8. If required, provide additional information, including certificates and licenses, skills, and languages.
  9. If required, provide references.
  10. If required, answer any additional supplemental questions. These are general and agency supplemental questions. Depending on the hiring agency, this section may be blank.
  11. Upload any attachments, such as a résumé, driver’s license, or certificates. The supported file formats are determined by the employer.

    • If a particular attachment type is required by the employer, there is an area provided so that you can upload that attachment. For example:

      Image of attachments area

    • If there are no required attachments, then you can use Add supplemental attachment to add additional files. First, use Choose attachment type to select the type, and then use the Upload button. In the next example the License type attachment is selected to upload a file:

      Image of supplemental attachments

    If you have previously uploaded attachments, you can use the Recent Uploads button to access these files.

  12. Review each section. If there is an error, it is shown in the progress bar and also in the section.

    Image of error in the section message

    Use Image of edit button to open this item and correct any errors.

    Once your application is complete, click on Proceed to Certify and Submit.

  13. On the Certify & Submit page, click on Accept and Submit.

An Application Submitted message confirms that you have applied for the job.

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Check Application Status

Your username indicates the number of in-progress applications, for example:

Image of in-progress application status

You can get more detailed status information for all applications by clicking on Applications & Status in the top menu bar (in the pulldown below your username).

  • Use the Submitted button to see all applications that you have successfully submitted. For example:

    Image of Applications & Status page

    Click on the job title for more information. You can then use Job Postings to see the information on the job, and Application View to see the details of your application for this job.

    You can also click on the down arrow Image of down arrow to see more information. This can include a summary of the steps in the hiring process:

    Image of job listing view

    Click on View job listing to see more information on the job.

  • Use the Incomplete button to see all applications that you started, but did not complete. For example:

    Image of incomplete applications

    Click on the job title, and then Apply, to complete the application.

    You can use Remove if you want to delete an application without completing it.

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Schedule Appointment

Employers may invite you to participate in an interview or exam. Employers may set the schedule or ask you to select a time from a list of available time slots.

If the employer has invited you to select a time for your interview or exam:

  1. Click on Applications & Status in the top menu bar.
  2. Applications where you can schedule for an interview or exam noted with a Schedule Exam link:

    Image of application with a Schedule Exam link

  3. Click on Schedule Exam. A list of locations, dates, and times displays:

    Image of Schedule Exam view

  4. Select a time, and then click Confirm Appointment.

  5. The application status now shows the time of the exam appointment:

    Image of application status after appointment confirmation

    You can use the Update Schedule link if you need to change the appointment.

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Delete an Account

To delete an account that is no longer in use:

  1. Click on Account Settings in the top menu bar.
  2. Click on Delete Account.
  3. Click on Delete My Account:

    Image of delete my account section

  4. Click on Delete Account to confirm.

    Important: This action is permanent. Once an account is deleted, it cannot be accessed or recovered.

    Image of delete my account confirmation window

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